Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions  over the Earth
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The   founders   of   two   international   climate   data rescue    organisations    talk    passionately    about their   goals   and   the   collaborative   work   they   are undertaking    together    –    expounding    their    belief that   only   by   ascertaining   historical   climatic   trends can we fully understand the future
9 th  ACRE Workshop

ACRE feeding weather reconstructions

and historical weather data forum

          9 th   ACRE Workshop,Maynooth, Ireland: The   first   half   of   the   event   will   bring   together   the 9th   Atmospheric   Circulation   Reconstructions   over the   Earth   (ACRE)   Workshop,   with   its   focus   on   the international       initiative’s       core       components: historical    global    weather    data    rescue,    feeding historical          global          dynamical          weather reconstructions   (reanalyses),   to   create   4D   global state-of-the-art    weather    databases    for    climate applications and services needs. The   second   half   of   the   event   will   be   an   Historical Weather    and    Climate    Data    Forum,    at    which representatives        from        major        international organisations   focusing   on   terrestrial   and   marine meteorological     data     rescue,     homogenisation, storage   and   access,   will   discuss   progress   and   the need   to   focus   future   work   on   the   unification   and coordination   of   data   rescue   endeavours   and   data portals,   and   the   creation   of   a   central   terrestrial database    to    match    that    existing    in    the    marine sphere     (i.e.     an     terrestrial     version     of     the International   Comprehensive   Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set [ICOADS]).  
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ACRE data confirms global land warming

Barometric pressure confirms the

temperature record

A   unique   and   innovative   new   observational study      that      did      not      use      temperature recordings   from   land   stations   has   confirmed global     land     warming,     according     to     a scientist   at   NOAA’s   Cooperative   Institute   for Research      in      Environmental      Sciences (CIRES).   The   finding   refutes   concerns   that artifacts    in    land-based    observing    systems have   led   to   an   artificial   global   land   warming trend. “This   shows   that   global   warming   over   land is   real,”   said   CIRES   scientist   lead   author Gilbert   Compo   who   works   at   NOAA’s   Earth System   Research   Laboratory.   “It   is   not   an artifact     of     the     observing     system.     It     is happening.”
Citizen Science rescues valuable marine data
Australian initiative harnesses 10,000+ school students to add to the climate record
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