Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions  over the Earth

ACRE data helps confirm

global warming

For   the   first   time, ACRE   data   have been   used   to   independently   show that global warming is real.
ANALYSIS PARTNERS Partnerships    are    an    essential way   ACRE   does   business.   Nine core   climate    research    partners provide     funding     or     ‘in     kind’ support   and   undertake   key   parts of      ACRE’s      activities      while linkages     are     maintained     with numerous          other          climate research       organisations       and various    institutions    around    the globe.
WHAT IS ACRE The          international          Atmospheric          Circulation Reconstructions   over   the   Earth   (ACRE)   initiative   works to   retrieve   our   global   climate   history.   It   harnesses   the work   of   many   professionals   and   volunteers   to   recover historical   terrestrial   and   marine   weather   observations. Project    members    search    out    millions    of    documents, typically     paper-based,     convert     them     to     electronic images   and   then   digitise   the   useful   data   they   contain. The   data   supports   computer-based   4D   weather   recon- structions    (reanalyses)    spanning    the    last    200-250 years.    Climate    applications    and    analyses    of    climate impacts   worldwide   benefit   from   the   work   of   the   ACRE initiative.     All   of   the   historical   surface   weather   data   and the reanalyses are freely available. ACRE achieves its mission by: linking international meteorological organisations & data rescue infrastructures; facilitating the recovery, extension, quality control & consolidation of global historical terrestrial & marine instrumental surface data covering the last 250 years; making these observations available to all international reanalyses; ensuring that 4D reanalysis products can be tailored/downscaled to flow into various climate applications & production models. providing access to tools and techniques for analyses and interpretation of historical documentary weather observations.
DATA PARTNERS  ACRE     maintains     a     strong regional   presence   across   the globe     to     recover,     image, digitise     and     archive     local climate     data     covering     all continents       and       oceans.         Citizen     scientists     have     an important role to play.

11th ACRE workshop at

NIWA, Auckland The   first   half   is   a   C3S   Data   Rescue Capacity        Building        Workshop, focusing   on   the   benefits   that   this new Service will bring. The   second   half   will   report   on   the latest    developments    in    historical global      surface      terrestrial      and marine weather data recovery.